It seems like the latest buzz word has been sustainability and with good reason. Our Planet is under immense pressure and threat from our fast paced consumer lifestyles which contribute to a wide range of issues that are starting to affect us all .

As of 2020 our packaging is looking greener . Our branded jewelry boxes are still made from recycled cardboard by a British brand we have used since 2019. We also now source our black tissue paper from them too ; It is 100% recycled and acid free . We are now using paper tape to secure the parcels instead of plastic parcel tape, so that the new tape we are using can be composted along with the cardboard boxes we pack the items in . We are hoping to move to cardboard parcel boxes that are either made from 100% recycled materials , or part recycled with FSC certified sources for the remainder.

We now work with an experienced jeweler that sources all the new materials required for repairs responsibly and ethically . This is including diamonds that are fully traceable, and gold from conflict free mines. Most of the gold in circulation is already recycled and we always opt for the eco recycled silver .

We will be choosing a charity to regularly support from September 2020 .

By purchasing secondhand items we are already working together to provide a very sustainable option . This is an excellent way to bring life back into old jewels and avoid losing them to scrap . The mass produced jewelry today is contributing to the fast paced consumer lifestyle that damages our planet and is not created to last . It is part of a throwaway culture than is not sustainable and cannot last . There is something immensely special about purchasing antique items , the history behind them, and reuse is always better than buying new . Our jewelry stands the test of time and will last you for years to come.