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Antique and Vintage jewellery is the sustainable option.

Shopping with what already exists and reusing beautiful treasures from the past, that stand the test of time due to exceptional craftmanship.

Modern fast fashion jewellery today seeks inspiration from antique jewellery and revamps existing designs. Be authentic by owning an original piece of history, which is unlikely to be seen on anyone else.

The environmental impacts from mining gemstones and metal ores can be numerous and extensive, by using choosing existing well made beautiful jewellery from our curated collection you can rest assured that this is the green option.

Our packaging is sourced from recycled materials where possible, including our bespoke cardboard boxes which can either be recycled or used to house any trinkets you please. If you would prefer to skip the frills and fuss just let us know on ordering to keep your order fuss free packaged.

Magical, and sustainable treasures with Charlie Luxe Vintage.

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