Charlie Luxe Vintage is a sustainable British jewellery brand based in the South East of England. Specialists in antique and vintage jewellery, we are the keepers and collectors of history.

Originally founded by Danielle Lizdek, an established antique jewellery specialist and training gemmologist. Our brand has grown and flourished since first being established in 2013 when Danielle was 21 and purchased her first solid silver 1970's antique charm bracelet that sparked a passion for vintage and antique jewellery.

Since then, we have had the pleasure of handling a wide range of jewellery through every era and style, which has shaped the way we handpick the beautiful and enchanting pieces for you to peruse in our treasure trove.

Danielle's partner, a self-confessed Art Deco enthusiast has joined the brand as head of marketing, alongside an experienced and knowledgeable goldsmith that now undertakes all of our resizes and repairs.

Our ethos is sustainable jewellery at sustainable prices.

We believe in authentic, luxury jewellery that cannot be found elsewhere. True one off antique gems that can be treasured and passed through families, becoming heirloom jewels.

Magical, sustainable curated vintage & antique jewellery.