Browse some of our past acquisitions ; We love to keep a record of the beautiful pieces of antique and vintage jewellery that we had the honor of handling prior to sending to their new homes .

A vintage 9ct gold lion charm
An antique art nouveau enamel daisy spinner charm
A rare vintage 9ct gold mermaid charm
Gold pave set turquoise antique charm
vintage 9ct gold 'I love you' spinner charm
Vintage 9ct gold enamel paint pallette
Antique vermail bird hatching from egg charm
9ct gold bird cage charm vintage
Gold vintage large bamboo hoop earrings
Gold vintage twisted oval hoop earrings
vintage 9ct gold sweet duck charm
Vintage 9ct gold daffodil charm
9ct gold St christopher vintage square pendant
18ct gold french qu hier qu demain love token charm
antique enamel rare art nouveau lady pendant
Gold vintage heart shaped st christopher charm
gold twisted vintage scooped hoop earrings
vintage 9ct gold 'be good' spinner charm
vintage 9ct gold 'good luck' spinner charm
9ct gold UNICORN CHAR,.png
18ct gold nefertiti charm (1).png
Brass mummy enamel sarcophogus (3).png
vintage 9ct gold embossed star hoops
14ct gold lucky wishbone charm.png
14ct gold lucky wishbone charm (4).png
15ct gold amethyst charm.png
18ct gold scarab charm (4).png
18ct gold scarab charm (1).png
gold plated figa pndant (2).png
Brass mummy enamel sarcophogus.png
18ct gold pyramid charm.png
antique diamond antique locket
Antique paste moon charm
14ct gold lucky wishbone charm (5).png
14ct gold lucky wishbone charm (2).png
14ct gold lucky wishbone charm (3).png
14ct gold lucky wishbone charm (1).png