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  • Thirteen Jewels for Daisy Jones & The Six

    Our current obsession has to be Daisy Jones & The Six, we can't seem to get enough of it! Not only are we totally captivated by the band, but we can't stop thinking about how stylish they are. We have put together this guide to show you which of our jewels we would choose to wear the gorgeous 70's aesthetic. Warm Tones Warm sepia tones always scream 70's hippie when we see them. The warm vintage bohemian style is something we adore, from clothing and into jewellery. We've selected some of our jewels that we think that when worn will instantly make you look like a member of Daisy Jones & The Six. The chunky watch chain is an excellent choice to bring in that Rock 'n' Roll edge, whilst that gorgeous yellow garnet is quite possibly the most perfect gemstone choice. Boho Chic Natural tones and nature gems are most definitely the best way to achieve a totally boho inspired look. Anything that looks as if it has been delicately plucked from the Earth will easily get you started on achieving a look that gives off that 70's bohemian vibe. A Statement Ring We've spotted a totally dreamy and moody statement ring being worn by Daisy, whilst we're not sure what gemstone it could be, we think this vintage sardonyx ring is an excellent choice if you're looking for a statement jewel to wear. Complete the Look We love when your favourite show can easily inspire your wardrobe with pieces you probably already own. A vintage band t-shirt, vintage jeans and some statement heeled boots paired with some classic gold jewellery will instantly scream effortless 70's chic. All the clothing in this edit can be found on secondhand clothing websites such as Depop or Ebay, along with of course some Charlie Luxe classic gems. A perfect way to create a head-to-toe sustainable and secondhand 70's look. Are you totally obsessed with Daisy Jones & The Six like we are here at CLV HQ? Let us know in the comments if you're feeling inspired by the 70's style and if you'll be wearing this trend.

  • Top 10 Jewels from 2022

    2022 has seen an incredible amount of jewels pass through our hands and into yours. From some of the most glamorous and luxe pieces, to gorgeous gemstone delights and the fun and unusual, we feel like we are one step closer to completing jewellery bingo. Most of our days at CLV HQ are spent lusting over the ones that could have been, dreaming of those jewels that we wish hadn't sold so quickly so that we could have more time to drool over them. The team have selected their top jewel picks from 2022 that they are still dreaming about today. Danielle has selected all things feminine and full of gemstones. The Victorian Celestial Moon and Stars Pearl Necklace was an easy choice, the level of interest and detail in this piece is simply magical and anything celestial always gets her heart beating. The Georgian Sugarloaf Moonstone and Ruby Halo Ring is such a sumptuous piece, and the beauty behind the Opal Charm is something she is still thinking about. Daniel's top 3 picks is definitely inspired by statement rings. The 1950's Ruby Class Ring is so interesting, a sentimental gift to someone graduating from university or college. Another interesting piece is the Victorian Enamel & Diamond Star Mourning Ring, a dramatic piece and a symbol of the mourning for a passed loved one. The French Art Deco Sapphire & Diamond Ring has been a firm favourite amongst us all, but felt extra special to Daniel. It's investment worthy luxe is what makes it such a rare fine example of 1920s French jewellery. 2022 has definitely been the year for rings, as Shannon has also chosen 3 rings in her top picks. The Lavish 9ct Gold Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond Multi- Gemstone Ring is her favourite jewel from this year, it has such an unusual look to it and its masculine size mixed with the variety of gemstones makes it such a exciting statement piece. Whilst not being one for sparkles, the Vintage 18ct Gold Citrine & Diamond Cluster Halo Ring has also been a favourite. The rich warm tones of the citrine gemstone pairs beautifully with other gold jewellery and neutral toned clothing. The Vintage 9ct Rose Gold Knot Ring also is a more unusual piece, lending itself as a perfect jewel for everyday wear. To complete our top 10 jewel, we thought we would choose our total favourite piece of jewellery from this year. After *much* discussion, we all decided that this Fabulous Art Deco Natural 7.4ct Sapphire & Diamond Ring In Platinum has been a unanimous favourite amongst us all. We may be cheating slightly by picking something that hasn't sold yet, but everything about this ring is just so dreamy it just simply had to feature in our top 10 selection. Danielle obviously loves the science behind the sapphire cabochon gemstone. Daniel is a fan of how rare and unusual it is, whilst Shannon adores how unique this jewel is without being too fussy. As we mentioned it is still available, click below to read more about the beauty of this ring so that you can fall in love with it as much as we have! We can't wait to get jewellery hunting again in 2023 to see what beautiful jewels we will uncover. Do you agree with our top 10 picks? Could you correctly guess which pieces we would individually choose? Let us know in the comments your favourite Charlie Luxe jewel from 2022.

  • Real Jewels On Real People 2022

    To celebrate individuality and all things jewellery, our lovely customers and friends have very kindly sent in photos of our jewellery being worn, or tagged us on Instagram and given us permission to be included in this annual customer celebration. Without further ado, here are a collection of inspiring jewellery loving humans, real jewels on real people, their styling ideas and their joy with their Charlie Luxe pieces. Images of @humble.along Images from @aboundjewellery Image by @88starjewels Image from @Gingerbellegems Image @Thenightskyjewels Image by @Peonyjade Images by @kellyekardt Image by @eyecandygems Image by @bonjourcopenhagen Image by @Fashionista_at_large Images by @Goldminedrive Images by @Elizcf86 Image by @poppiesandpaste Image by @Sandra_walli Images by @adorntobewild Image by @museandcurate Image by @puresugargems Image by @educatebydaisymay Image by @goldbrick.jewels Image by @Opal.peridot.emerald Image by @antiquejewelsfan Images by @jewelryarmour ........................................... We loved seeing all of your jewellery photos and ways you wear them this year, please keep tagging us in 2023 so we can celebrate you again next year !

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  • Charlie Luxe Vintage | Fine Gold Antique & Vintage Jewellery

    NEW ARRIVALS FRESH IN ANTIQUE & VINTAGE JEWELS Quick View Victorian Unusual Collet Cut Down Agate Slice Ring In 9ct Gold Price £295.00 Quick View Lucky Antique 18ct Gold Natural Diamond & Sapphire Horseshoe Motif Ring Price £430.00 Quick View Decadent Vintage Lapis Lazuli and 0.15ct Diamond Burst Ring in 18ct Gold Price £455.00 Quick View Opulent 18ct Natural Australian 1.2ct Opal & 0.42ct Diamond Halo Cluster Ring Price £955.00 Quick View Victorian Unusual Collet Cut Down Agate Slice Ring In 9ct Gold Price £295.00 Quick View Lucky Antique 18ct Gold Natural Diamond & Sapphire Horseshoe Motif Ring Price £430.00 Quick View Decadent Vintage Lapis Lazuli and 0.15ct Diamond Burst Ring in 18ct Gold Price £455.00 Quick View Opulent 18ct Natural Australian 1.2ct Opal & 0.42ct Diamond Halo Cluster Ring Price £955.00 CHARMS & PENDANTS RUMMAGE THROUGH OUR TREASURE TROVE OF ANTIQUE AND VINTAGE PENDANTS SHOP ALL > SHOP ANTIQUE & VINTAGE NECKLACES SHOP OUR GLITTERING GOLD CHAINS AND SPELLBINDING ANTIQUE NECKLACES. STACK THEM, LAYER THEM AND WEAR THEM WITH EVERYTHING - THE ULTIMATE CHIC GO TO PIECE THAT IS ESSENTIAL FOR YOUR JEWELLERY BOX. NECKLACES > SHOP ANTIQUE RINGS OUR SPARKLING ANTIQUE RINGS ARE A DREAM COME TRUE, SHOP OUR VINTAGE AND ANTIQUE RINGS CURATION SHOP ALL > EAR CANDIES DIVE INTO OUR COLLECTION OF 70S VINTAGE HOOPS AND ART DECO DANGLING DELIGHTS SHOP ALL > THE FOB SHOP OUR EDIT OF HAND PICKED ANTIQUE & VINTAGE TREASURES FROM THE CHARLIE LUXE VINTAGE VAULT; CURIOS FROM A TIME GONE BY SHOP ALL > RING RESIZING & REPAIRS SERVICE CONTACT US TO ENQUIRE ABOUT ANY RING RESIZING REQUIRED, OR IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE REPAIRING A PIECE OF JEWELLERY. FOLLOW US KEEP UP TO DATE WITH OUR LATEST TREASURE HUNTS

  • Bracelets | Charlie Luxe Vintage | Curated Antique Jewellery

    BRACELETS GBP (£) Quick View Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold Engraved Link Bracelet ( 15g, 7.5" ) Price £550.00 Quick View Chic 9ct Rose Gold Albert Chain Style Bracelet ( 13.33g, 9" ) Price £445.00 Quick View Victorian 9ct Gold 'Stars & Bars' Heart Padlock Bracelet ( 17.47g, 7" ) Price £755.00 Quick View Vintage 9ct Gold Gated Bracelet With Heart Padlock ( 13.72g, 7" ) Price £495.00

  • Charm Shop | Charlie Luxe Vintage | Curated Antique Jewellery

    CHARM SHOP GBP (£) Quick View Vintage 14ct Gold Carved Turquoise Scarab Charm Price £165.00 Quick View Sweet Victorian 15ct Gold Enamel & Pearl Royal Blue Heart Charm Price £375.00 Quick View Vintage 14ct Gold and Silver Enamel Russian Egg Charm Necklace Price £375.00 Quick View 18ct Gold Diamond Moon Rock Charm - Artefact 2 Price £455.00 Quick View Cancer Zodiac Pendant In 9ct Gold Price £95.00

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