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Edwardian 18ct Gold Natural 0.6ct Sapphire & Old Cut Diamond Daisy Cluster Ring

  • This stunning natural sapphire & diamond cluster ring is a true showstopper!

    Featuring a natural sapphire with a beautiful and saturated blue colour distribution, this ring is a delightful find with no evidence of heat treatment, and generous sized diamonds that create a spectacular glittering affair on the hand.

    The sizeable old European cut diamonds that surround the sapphire as a halo create a dazzling daisy style cluster, a style made popular during the Edwardian era, adding to the ring's antique charm and providing the perfect backdrop for that sapphire to really pop.

    Crafted from 18ct gold this ring is a  true sparkle bomb, perfect for any vintage and antique jewelry lover - Guaranteed to make you feel like you are wearing something close to a royal heirloom, with this regal floral piece.


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