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Antique Rare 9ct Gold Enamel Cherub Charm

  • A marvellously rare jewel that is our current obsession and muse.

    This charm dates way back to the late 1800s, enjoying provenance in the Art Nouveau era and enamel pieces of this style often do. Perfectly sweet and deliciously detailed, its hard to know where to begin as the eye roams across the plump swirled border and neatly engraved backdrop that all combines to create a heavenly framing for the enamel cherub daint perched in the centre.

    The cherub is exquisite, a true artistic feel to his design and painting. He sits on a vivid green bush of blushed roses at a jaunty angle, extending his arms to hold a violin under his chin, wings delicately flared at the reverse and head tilted with a serene smile.

    Enjoy him for the beautiful art he is, or perhaps gather some meaning from his violin - We particularly enjoy a rather devilish intention of the following ;

    When someone is whining and you are tired of hearing it, you can play the world's smallest violin to provide musical ambiance to dramatize their annoying whine. This is accomplished by rubbing your index finger and thumb together and saying, "This is the world's smallest violin, and it's playing just for you.”

    *Pendant only included*

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