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3 Party Looks To Try This Festive Season

It's that time of year once again where party season has arrived and you're stood at your wardrobe wondering what to wear. Whether you've got a big Christmas do or a few quiet drinks with your girlfriends, its the perfect time of the year to go full-glam with sparkle, shimmer and glitter.

We may be biased but we think that adding a stack of jewellery to your favourite party outfit is the perfect way to complete your look. If you've opted for jeans and a nice top or an exquisite party dress, adding some vintage and antique jewellery will be a foolproof way to take your look to the next level. Here at CLV HQ , we have put together 3 looks featuring our jewels that we think you could rock at your next festive celebration.

More is More!

As we mentioned earlier, is there truly a better time of year to go as glamorous as possible for one event? If you've got an ever growing jewellery collection but no where to wear it, now is the time to let those jewels out of their box. Those special pieces such as this spectacular 1930's diamond and ruby fan ring deserve to be shown off in all their glory.

Why not stack all your favourite pieces together, colour co-ordianting them with your outfit. Here Danielle has picked a deep blue velvet top which is the ultimate pairing for sapphires. Compliment the magical blues with your most golden jewels to make them pop even more!

We're loving the double layer of necklaces, it's such a great way to fill a neckline of a lower cut top. A statement necklace such as this Cleopatra collar looks exquisite with a pendant, the two balance together in the perfect way.

Luxe & Glamour

If your style is more paired back, why not celebrate your most cherished jewels and let them be the star of the show. More is more is not for everyone, so instead pick a few of your most treasured jewels and let them be a wonderful accessory to your outfit. A subtle necklace that is still full of interest such as this beaded seed pearl and citrine piece is a perfect way to elegantly fill your neckline.

Connie's look is all about sublimely matching colours and gemstones. The adulerescence in the moonstone ring is the ultimate pairing with this pink top. The pearls in the antique cluster ring make a dream combination with the beaded necklace we mentioned above. It's these subtle details that really make a well accessorised outfit feel so luxe.

Sleek Sparkles

For those who love to keep things more chic, this look may be the one for you. Even if you like to wear more paired back looks, sprinkling in some glimmer is an excellent way to bring the festive season to your outfit.

Diamonds are an exceptional choice if you choose to wear dark colours, their icey cool-toned sparkle works wonderfully to add some brightness. This chunky diamond cluster ring is quite possibly the most perfect jewel to achieve this.

This is a fab versatile look to take you from day through to night. Keep your diamond rings on so those hands stay dressed up, and this art deco paste necklace will add some twinkle between the collar of a coat as you're walking into a fancy cocktail bar.

The festive season may be short so we really think it's best to make the most of being able to be as glamorous and sparkling as possible. Our shop is currently stocked with an array of treasures to help complete your party look.

You can shop all our jewellery here.

We hope our guide has offered you some inspiration for what to wear to your next festive party, let us know in the comments what you're planning to wear this year!


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