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Rare Glittering Antique Ruby Serpent Ring In 18ct Gold

  • We are swooning over this magical delicately coiled serpent ring!

    The serpent has been coiled to create a perfect ring shape, sliding effortlessly onto the hand and resting comfortably against the skin. Small, intricately engraved scales encircle the entire piece to create a real sense of magic with this marvellous familiar.

    A duo of perfect pink rubies are set directly into the head of the snake, offering an alluring glitter to the piece that ends with a single, circular drop of rock quartz hanging from the mouth of the serpent.

    Snakes are symbolic and were used frequently in Victorian era jewellery, and jewellery throughout history, dating far back to Egyptian and Mesopotamians .The serpent is seen as a symbol of transformation and rebirth, while also being associated with power and protection. 


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