Dreamy Art Deco Solitaire Diamond Ring

  • A beautiful twisted solitaire diamond ring hailing from the roaring twenties. This ring encaptures a hint of the glitz and glam from the Art Deco era, while remaining simple and minimal for an every day bit of sparkle .

    The band is solid 18ct gold that curves seamlessly into crisp icy platinum to form a twisted shank that ends with the star of the show in the centre . The diamond is an old cut, and while not clean under the loupe is certainly eye clean and generous with it's fire and divine sparkle .

    An eye clean diamond is a stone that shows no visible inclusions to the naked eye . The diamond set into this ring when examined under the loupe is peppered with a display of small black mineral inclusions . It is personal preference on whether diamonds are acceptable with inclusions within, and there are methods of removing inclusions that are often used to achieve a 'clean' stone '. We love the appearance and nature of a true antique stone and feel the ring is made all the more beautiful with its imperfections .

    * Sizeable  *