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Chic Alluring Vintage 9ct Gold Coiled Snake Bangle

  • This chic and alluring vintage 9ct gold coiled snake bangle is a stunning piece of vintage jewellery that is sure to make a statement.

    The coiled snake is stylised with perfect glossy scales, giving it a sleek and bewitching look. The head of the snake is set with two deep red glittering garnet gemstones, adding a pop of color and sparkle to the piece.

    Snakes are symbolic and were used frequently in Victorian era jewellery, and jewellery throughout history, dating far back to Egyptian and Mesopotamians .The serpent is seen as a symbol of transformation and rebirth, while also being associated with power and protection. 

    The bangle is designed in a torque style so it can easily slide onto the wrist with some expansion and retraction, providing a comfortable fit for the wearer.

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