Art Nouveau Silver Enamel Lucky Charm

  • The Art Nouveau era produced some spectacular enamel artwork for charms ; This solid silver charm is engraved on the reverse for 'Rozsa' , and has an intersting 3 divided section of small pictures on the front. The enamel pictures we have seen frequently in antique austrian jewellery, there is a chimney sweep, a lucky four leaf clover and a lucky horseshoe . The horseshoe is pointing down to shower you with all the luck .

    The charm is Austrian in origin . Victorian's loved their symbolism and used the language of the flowers to speak secret hidden messages to each other, and use for symbolism in jewellery . Four leaf clovers have been and still are, recognised universally as a symbol of good luck . The small picture of the chimney sweep we believe represents luck also, tying in the 3 parts of the picture .

    * charm only included *