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Jewels Of The Dragon- House Of The Dragon For Your Jewel Inspo

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If you have recently seen the latest adaptation of George R.R. Martins fantastic world of Westeros on your must-see-list, no doubt you have spotted the fabulous jewellery House of Targaryen is dripping in. From the glitziest Russian-esque tiaras through to Persian style neck pieces, we are utterly obsessed with the costume department's styling! While we can't guarantee you a seat at the Targaryen table, we can absolutely point you in the direction of some of our tantalizing gems that we are sure will give you the same old world magic glamour and feel, as we know we get watching these gems twinkle and sway across the screen.

A first look at Alicent Hightower's jewellery game and its safe to say we are impressed. She is adorned with exquisite feminine chokers, collar grazing necklaces and dainty drops in her ears. Not forgetting the hands, with a single ring on each that ensues her look is elegant without being overpowering.

We particularly love the delicate gold band on her index, featuring what looks a coral coloured gemstone solitaire which is striking against her pale blue robes. Paired with a bolder piece on the other hand, it works so well! Her whole look is feminine and faintly flowery, while still a regal and imperial vogue. For Alicent's look, try pairing a few of our pieces below ;

Rhaenyra Targaryen's jewellery is a lot more heavy, designed to add impact and presence. Her necklaces and earrings feel royal, with an Etruscan revival vibe on some pieces and a necklace collar so sleek it could be dragon scales.

Her Valyrian steel necklace photographed above, gifted by her uncle Daemon Targaryen, is the perfect colour clash against those vivid buttery gold earrings - what a way to mix those metals ! If you would like to take your inspiration from Dragon rider Rhaenyra, you will need a focus on heavier impactful pieces with jewel tones and drama. Gun metal greys are a must, as is high carat butter yellow gold. See our choices below ;


Image source : Vanity Fair

Have you been tuning into House of the Dragon ? We are three episodes in and cannot wait to see more jewellery looks as the series moves forward. What pieces on our leading ladies inspire you the most ? What are you hoping to see on future episodes? Tell us below in the comments and we will tell you our thoughts back.


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