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How to Style the 'Key To The Secret Garden'

This treasured 'Key To The Secret Garden' reminds us of a bejewelled key that slips into the lock of a gothic iron gate to a secret garden, shut and hidden. Its royal blue enamel decor bordered with a beautiful white halo makes this key such an alluring gem.

We have put together this guide on easy ways to style pieces similar to this, to show how it can be a seamless addition to your jewellery collection.

Short Chain Necklace

A classic way to style a watch key is by pairing it with a shorter chain. A shorter chain will allow the key to float gracefully against the chest, partnered with a vintage style blouse with a lower cut will help to beautifully frame your jewels. Keeping things simple and understated will keep the focus on the delightful jewel making it perfect for stylish day-to-day wear.

Here we have paired it with our Vintage 9ct Gold Figaro Chain, however any shorter length gold chain will be perfect for the job!

Longer Length Chain

Wearing the key pendant on a longer chain is a great way to play into the historical references of an antique piece of jewellery. Watch keys would sometimes be worn on a longer chain so that they were easily accessed for use, and we so love this idea for its modern day wear. It could be great worn with a plain t-shirt to give it the perfect backdrop. Again, keeping it simple helps the wearability of this pendant.

We have styled it with this Vintage 8ct Gold Longer Length Box Chain , at 27" it is a fabulous length for using to add more layers into your necklace stacking.


More is less! Sometimes there is the need for minimalism, but why not try mixing your pendant with other chains and charms to create your own unique stack of jewels. Here, we have added a Victorian 15ct Gold Tasselled Trailing Charm and have mixed up the metals by including a Vintage 9ct Rose Gold Rolo Chain with a buttery 1920s 15ct Gold Rollerball Chain.

Colour Co-ordination

Have a look through your jewellery collection and see what other pieces could pair well. Try colour matching like we have here, styling other blue jewels together to create a gorgeous tonal look. We have chosen a Art Deco Sapphire ring with a Turquoise Floral Gemstone beauty to bring a range of shades into the mix.

Take a look at a colour wheel to see what colours compliment each other. Blue is complimentary to orange and yellow hues, so the addition of bright buttery yellow gold helps to make the colours pop against each other.

And it doesn't have to stay within jewellery, this could also be done with clothes already in your wardrobe, we think the deep royal blue enamel of this watch key would pair sublimely with a pair of indigo jeans.

There really are no rules when it comes to jewellery wearing, we've put together just a few easy ways to wear our Antique Key, we'd love to know how you would wear it, let us know in the comments!


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