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Harrys Hands

The man of the moment is most definitely Mr Harry Styles. 2022 is certainly his year; new album, world tour, awards and blockbuster film releases. One thing that can be noted about him whether you are a fan or not, is that he seems to have an incredible collection of jewellery that we are so intrigued by. In particular we adore his signature ring stacking, so we've taken a dive into what jewels he is currently wearing, and what options we have if you're looking to recreate Harrys Hands.

The Infamous Ring Stack

When you think of Harry Styles' jewellery, we're fairly sure that his 'H' & 'S' initial rings are the first thing that will pop into your mind. But he rarely wears them alone and after some quick digging, we have discovered that he will often change up the combination of rings he wears. Above he is pictured with a remarkable micromosaic ring, a pearl ring and an array of dreamy gothic gemstone beauties.

He's also been spotted wearing unusual bands and signet rings. One things that is for sure, the rings will always have an interesting take, statement masculine and chunky seem to be the choice when dressing his fingers. These looks can be easily recreated with antique and vintage pieces. You are guaranteed that unique one-of-a-kind stack when shopping secondhand, adding to the allure of wearing a curated hand.

Beautiful Beads

Most recently Styles has been sporting chunky beaded necklaces. We haven't been keeping count but we're fairly sure he's worn every colour of the rainbow, always being paired to match the rest of his outfit perfectly.

Our Carved Agate Beaded necklace is so perfect for recreating this look, we think it could slot right into Harry Styles' jewellery collection.

The Single Earring

Earrings don't tend to be a regular feature for Mr Styles, however we loved when Harry featured this single pearl earring. It's a wonderful nod to femininity, but still super stylish.

These Dendritic Agate earrings have the same drop style to the pearl earring if you're looking to recreate this look.

Don't Worry Darling

Is anyone else excited for the release of his latest film 'Don't Worry Darling'? It's set in the 1950's so we're expecting to see lots of fabulous vintage jewels. We've already spotted a gorgeous signet ring being worn by Harry.

At the premier for 'Don't Worry Darling' Styles is seen wearing two Gucci looks. Whilst the jewellery is kept minimal to just his signature rings, we think both looks would work well featuring a statement heavy necklace.

The Masonic Edwardian watch chain would look great layered with the silk scarf, or worn over the shirt but under the collar for an interesting layered moment.

We will surely be keeping a close eye on what other jewels Harry Styles decides to sport, whatever trend it may be, the rest of the world will be sure to follow. Will you be taking inspiration from any of his looks, whether it's the full hand stack or a single item of jewellery, let us know in the comments!


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