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The Chelsea Flower Show

Moodboards & inspiration from the Charlie Luxe 2022 Flower Show Collection We were completely inspired by the gorgeous Chelsea flower show for our themed drop, taking inspiration from the pink and purple 2022 colours scheme and all things floral. We always create a moodboard to capture the feeling of the drops and pick the selection together as a team, reflecting the Charlie Luxe feel and individual tastes of the team - Enjoy !

We favoured gorgeous Art Nouveau pieces in our inspiration, emerald gemstones played heavily in our selection alongside jewel tones and anything with flowers. It felt like we really took our time perfecting this collection with frequent buying trips to hunt out the best, rarest gems. " My favourite pick from the collection was the Art Nouveau pansy & muse locket slider which featured heavily in our moodboards . I am a huge Art Nouveau fan, and pansies are my favourite flower! So I just adore this locket, its fabulous !" - Danielle

Dark green provided the perfect back drops for the more decadent pieces and kept the collection from feeling overly feminine, adding a moody tone . " My chosen pick are the 18ct gold enamel Art Deco earrings which were originally a set of cufflinks. I would have definitely worn them as cufflinks, but they work great as earrings too." - Daniel

Instagram stories, photography and our emails featured the used of floral graphics alongside the antique and vintage jewellery, with a special focus on pink being one of our main brand colours and also the theme for the Chelsea Flower Show this year. " My favourite item from the drop is the minimal 18ct white gold floral band. I really like pieces that are not fussy, vintage but with a modern wearable feel so they match with my current jewellery which is mostly silver and white gold." - Shannon .......................... What did you think of this drop ? We had so much fun finding the pieces and it was the most items ever added to the shop in a single hit, somewhere between 30-40 fresh items. Let us know your thoughts below ! In no way affiliated with, just gorgeously inspired by, The Chelsea Flower Show


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