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3 Key Ways To Choose Your Charms

Collecting charms is an excellent way to grow your jewellery collection. Their high sentimental and personal value make them wonderful pieces to own that are extremely sought after, whether you are buying for yourself or gifting to a loved one.

It is first thought that charms were worn as jewellery from as early as 400-600BC, as talisman pieces to offer protection and luck. It wasn't until the Victorian era when charms were considered highly fashionable, something which has remained in todays society ever since. You can read our guide about the history of charm bracelets here.

With there being such an array of vintage and antique charms out there in the world to be discovered, it can feel overwhelming if you are looking to curate your own charm collection. We have created a guide which can hopefully point you in the right direction for beginning your own charm journey.

How to Choose Your Charms

One of the great things about charms is how versatile they are. Their size allows them to be worn on both bracelets and chains, or even to just sit in your beloved jewellery box to admire. Knowing where to start can be tricky, a good place to begin could be how you envisage wearing your charms, and using that as a base to build up your collection.

The next task is deciding what charms you want to invest in. The possibilities are truly endless, we think there are a number of ways in which you can approach choosing charms but it is important to remember that there are really no rules!

The Classic

The most popular way to build up a charm collection is by keeping things personal. Choosing charms that are a reflection of the person they are destined for will create a classic, sentimental feeling collection of jewellery that we can guarantee that no one else in the world will have.

Initial charms are always an excellent place to begin, they usually come in an endless variety of styles and sizes. A simple gold initial is a perfect choice if you're looking for something to slot right into your already growing collection, or choose something in a chic script encrusted with diamonds to add some luxe.

Like initial charms, Zodiac charms are also a great option for a personal charm to invest in. Those who feel a deep relation towards their starsign may want to make that connection stronger through a wearable piece of the Zodiac.

Birthstones are always a classic, especially for charm bracelets. If you're looking to inject some colour into your charm collection, then we think wearing a gemstone charm is the perfect way to do it. Most gemstones are thought to have incredible powers when worn, their energy is said to be healing. Choose your own birthstone, or perhaps build a collection of the stones of the loved ones in your life such as your children's, parents, siblings or friends.

You can read our Charlie Luxe birthstone guide here.

Themed charms to celebrate or wish luck are fabulous gifts to receive if you are looking to gift a charm. A good luck charm can be given to provide all the luck in the world, or something to celebrate a significant birthday or special event such as a graduation can be a beautiful gestural token.

Favourite Things

Charms can come in all shapes, themes and sizes. If you're looking for a charm that's perhaps a bit niche, chances are you should be able to find something quite close to what you're after. A huge amount of vintage charms tend to be novelty themed, lending themselves perfectly to finding a charm to represent something you or someone else loves.

This artists palette is fit for any painters out there, or perhaps your friends favourite animal is a butterfly. Curating a collection of all your favourite things is such a wonderful way to cherish your interests and hobbies. Or it could be fun to just find the most obscure jewels!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Whilst charm collections are usually deeply personal, not everyone will have the desire to have a collection that may feel busy. Perhaps you have a gorgeous antique chain and are looking for some exquisite charms to adorn it. Special and investment-worthy charms full of glamour and glitz can make excellent additions to your already luxurious chains and bracelets.

Diamonds are an obvious choice as they can add a sparkly detail without being too overwhelming. Gemstones are also a great option, but if you don't particularly like your birthstone you could choose something such as a tigers eye which will bring a more neutral and subtle look.

Simple gold jewels can be used interspaced between special pieces without causing too much distraction. This gold and diamond moon rock charm we designed ourselves could possibly be the perfect charm if you're looking for a piece of textural sophistication within a jewel.

The Next Step

As we mentioned before, the versatility of charms is unmatched with any other type of jewel. If you're not ready to commit to permanently piecing them together on a bracelet, then why not enjoy wearing them threaded onto a chain to wear around your neck. This will allow you to swap which charms you want to wear based on your mood or outfit.

If you are wanting to add your favourite charms onto a perfectly curated bracelet, start by ensuring you have chosen the best home for them. We suggest laying out your bracelet on a flat surface and trying the endless possible layouts you could have to find your ideal combination. Remember to space the charms out evenly by counting the amount of links between each piece, unless you want to allow your bracelet to grow as and when you find a new treasure. Take a picture of your final layout to show your jeweller exactly how you envisage your new creation.

There is nothing wrong with not wearing your charms at all, and letting them sit in your jewellery box to drool over instead. Pieces that are an heirloom or incredibly significant may only come out for special occasions, so why not house them in a beautiful jewellery box.

Charms will always feel special to us at Charlie Luxe as they were where our love for secondhand jewellery began. We will say this over and over how special we think it is to give or receive a charm that is full to the brim with sentiment, novelty and luxury.

Let us know in the comments which charm you would love to receive!


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