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Our may edit of vintage and antique jewellery favourites featuring vintage gold charms, antique rings and some pendants .

Welcome to our new occasional edit of vintage and antique jewelry .

This is a new feature and something we will be doing occasionally; a snazzy round up of our personal faves from our curated jewellery collection . This month we have gone for brighter tones when on the treasure hunt for antique and vintage jewels so expect to see plenty of gold, and delicious enamel hues . Each piece featured is available on our website .

Gemstones are sprinkled throughout as always and we are opting for more engraved items ; Earrings from our collaborative collection with Catherine Leilah are full of gold gold gold and celestial 70’s boho vibes .

The pendants we have selected for this May edit are starry, with the Art Deco diamond encrusted piece in the centre the literal ‘star of the show ‘ .


The novelty lipstick charm in 14k gold brings a cool twist of the unusual and subtle glam – Everyday items in charm form are always so delightfully unexpected .

The rare striking blue enamel 18ct snake locket has a ruby star studded with diamonds to match the other stars in this feature . Reverse the pendant and a glass locket back is featured behind .

The star filled coin pendant top left stacks well with the 14k moonstone drop on the right . The moonstone is highly polished, with the sought after blue sheen and translucent appearance . Moonstone is magic when the light hits- it fits in so well alongside anything celestial, this particular piece feels amazing in the hand .

If you would like to shop this edit you can click here to be taken to our shop all page .

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