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Close up of our vintage and antique earrings for our edit

Chunky hooped earrings are so current right now and we are seeing 70’s style hoops swing dreamily back into fashion. I have been eagerly scooping up these golden jewels to put together for a gorgeous, thoughtful vintage earring edit . Thinking the bigger the better, and eye catching detailing on those smaller hoops .

Focusing mostly on pieces hallmarked from 1960 through to 1980, the hoops have gorgeous creole style and thicker twisted details like delicious croissants to dangle from your ears. For those who search for an everyday statement earring that will not irritate the ears, and is reflective of modern jewellery offerings, this edit has you covered .

Vintage 9ct gold scooped twisted hoop earrings

Unusually I have also been picking up the odd pair of vintage gold plated clip on gems to play with too . My usual treasure hunts rarely feature anything that isn’t solid gold, but I have been swayed with these bolder bigger pieces that ooze 80s glamour; faux pearl centres with twisted rope borders, excessively big but oh-so-glam swirls and button shaped gems . The added benefit of these gold plated items is affordability with a still weighty luxurious feel .

Most modern costume jewellery never feels like an adequate investment for me. It is so throwaway so quickly, it follows trends too closely to age gracefully through the seasons and the years. If I am going to wear costume jewellery I like it to be handmade or vintage . It feels more desirable and physical. I’m holding something that is of fantastic quality to survive through decades of wear, or something that still retains a piece of its maker’s time and talent . Finding beautifully preserved vintage earrings feels quite special – Who wore these huge dazzling hoops? How many cocktail parties have these earrings seen?

Vintage gold plated clip on earring swirls

There is without a doubt beauty and fun to be found in the bolder pieces ; I have curated a really dreamy selection of vintage earrings for those of you who want to invest in the bigger items with solid gold, and also for those of you who look for something that won’t be worn quite as often to justify an investment, but you still need a glam pair of vintage earrings in your jewel box.

For items I want to cherish and fall in love with it has to be solid gold . Something that cannot wear through to a base metal, especially if it is going to sit in my ears and work hard for me as part of a sustainable closet . My favourite everyday earrings are a pair of vintage 60s shamrock engraved gold hoops. They sit on the small to medium size of things and work exceptionally well with everything I wear. I sleep in them, wash with them occasionally ( okay okay every time ) ; I never have to think twice about them . A pair of every day gold hoops you can reach for again and again are essential for your jewellery box, and I have personally sourced you a beautiful collection to peruse . Like all items in my curation, they are only ever pieces I would wear myself.

Vintage & Antique gold earrings spread out on a flat lay
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